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Nilfisk Attix 791-2M-B1
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Health and Safety Wet and Dry Vacuum

The Attix 791-2M/B1 is an Industrial Health & Safety, Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. It is suitable for working with ATEX Type 22 explosive dust and M Class hazardous dust environments. This makes it ideal for bakeries, flour mills and environments where static electricity is a concern collecting fine dust such as flour, sugar, and aluminium.
It has a 70-Litre stainless steel container that can be tilted or lifted out for emptying and includes a robust steel chassis and large wheels for mobility and durability. The ATTIX motor is brushless and electronically controlled which further reduces the ignition source.
Approved for work in ATEX Type 22 environments with explosive dust.

  • Industrial performance, robust construction, and loaded with useful features to maximize your efficiency and minimize your costs.
  • Brushless, long life motors for top performance and durability.
  •  Automatic Start/Stop for electric tools connected to the machine is available on many models.
  • High capacity containers for big jobs.
  • A full range of Type 22 accessories are available to tailor your machine to your application.

Attix 791-2M-B1 Vacuum Cleaner Model Specifications

Model Number Power Airflow (l/sec) Capacity Litres Weight (kg) Dimensions(L x W x H)(cm)
Attix 791-2M-B1 240v 1500 watt 63 70 25 60 x  58 x 97

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    791-2M-B1 Fact Sheet

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    791-2M-B1 Operators Manual

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    791-2M-B1 Parts List

Attix 791-2M-B1 in Action

product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Purpose: Health and Safety Commercial vacuum cleaner
Suitable Areas: Bakeries, flour mills, production environments and workshop
Other: Type 22 explosive dust and M Class hazardous dust environments
Warranty: 12 months, parts & labour

Features & Benefits

  • Brushless motor = Safety
  • Long life motor = Durability
  • Industrial performance = Efficiency
  • High capacity containers = Productivity
  • Full range of Type 22 accessories available