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Nilfisk GD911 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Battery powered for hassle-free cleaning

Nilfisk GD911 battery vacuum cleaner provides best-in-class features such as 60 minutes of continuous running time, strong suction power, and unrestricted cleaning at a very low sound level, making daytime cleaning convenient and hassle-free.

The first Nilfisk battery powered canister vacuum cleaner gives the possibility for a real quite operation.

No cable means clean anywhere and no hassle of looking for electrical sockets means time saved

  • Strong suction power means high dust pick up and productive work
  • Large 10 litre dust bag is designed for maximum filling
  • Battery operation means vacuuming anywhere at a low sound level
  • Fast and easy recharging minimises downtime

GD911 Vacuum Cleaner Model Specifications

Model Number Power Airflow (l/sec) Capacity (litres) Weight(kg) Dimensions (L x H x W)(cm)
GD911 400w 25 10 11 incl batteries 43 x 346x 40

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    GD911 Fact Sheet

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    GD911 Operators Manual

GD911 Commercial Vacuum in Action

Nilfisk GD911

Brand: Nilfisk
Purpose: Battery powered commercial vacuum
Suitable Areas: Hotel industry, high traffic or confined areas, areas with no access to 240v power outlets
Other: Easy serviceability, simple operation
Warranty: 12 months, parts & labour

GD911 Features

  • Strong suction power means high dust retension and high productive
  • 60 minutes run time between charging
  • Large 10-litre dust bag-large capacity
  • Robust construction- durable
  • User friendly design reduces fatigue and increases effeciency
  • Battery powered- no 240v cable, clean anywhere