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Nilfisk GWD335, GWD350-2, GWD375-2 Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Nilfisk GWD 300 is a series of wet and dry professional vacuum cleaners. The ergonomic and modern design makes them easy to handle and highly functional.

All models are based on a modular design, with different tank capacities of 20, 35, 50 and 75 litres. The Craftsman variants include a power socket for electric tools, automatic on/off, and delayed action shut down on automatic mode. There are also 3 variants with durable steel container available.

  • A range of vacuums to meet most everyday wet and dry pick up needs
  • HEPA and cartridge filter available
  • Variants with durable steel containers in 35 or 75 litres
  • Craftsman’s version with power socket, automatic on/off and delayed action
  • Fast access to float basket and filters for cleaning and maintenance
  • Modular design allows easy and flexible interchange of platforms

GWD series Model Specifications

Model Number Power (w) Airflow (l/sec) Capacity (litres) Weight(kg) Dimensions (L x H x W)(cm)
GWD335 1350 37 35 8 44 x 41 x 72
GWD350-2 2700 60 50 21.5 64 x 60 x 89
GWD375-2 2700 60 75 22 64 x 60 x 100

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product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: GWD series wet and dry vacuum
Industry: Commercial applications, workshops, Handyman
Applications: Wet areas, Larger particle product
Warranty: 12 months, parts & labour

GWD series Features & benefits

  • Rugged construction = long term durability
  • Ease of maintenance = reduced Operating Costs
  • Light weight = operator comfort and ease of operation
  • Modular design = versatility
  • Powerful motor = performance