Capital Equipment Sales and Hire



Capital Equipment offers an extensive range of Sweepers, Scrubber dryers, Combination Sweepers Scrubber Dryers, Road Sweepers, High Pressure Cleaners, Carpet Care Equipment, Commercial, Industrial and Specialised Vacuum Systems. Our range of new and approved second-hand models provides us the flexibility to meet most budgets and the ability to provide us the flexibility in tailoring the correct solution for you.

Selecting the correct equipment to suit your requirement and application is an important decision, it will most definitely determine the cleaning performance and overall cost effectiveness, therefore correct independent advice is imperative. Here at Capital Equipment Hire we take into consideration a number of vital components to ensure you are supplied the best-suited model for your needs. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge in floor care equipment and contact us


Capital Equipment Hire offers an extensive range of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment available for hire to suit your casual or long term requirements. Our management programs offers you total satisfaction through industry knowledge, experience, flexibility and fixed operating costs for you to benefit.

Our network is able to deliver quality advice and equipment with the highest proportion of uptime, thereby providing you the highest levels of reliability and performance to gain the absolute most from the offered equipment.

Capital Equipment Hire is a committed partner, allowing you to outsource your equipment investment which enables you to focus on your core business activity and eliminate large capital expenditure. You avoid the time consuming and costly management of equipment, instead you pay a competitive fixed monthly payment to cover a maintained selected piece of equipment.

One of the most important benefits of hire is flexibility. We understand the changing needs of business. You can grow your equipment fleet as your business expands, as well as, add short-term capacity to overcome peaks in activity to ensure you always have the correct method in maintaining a safe clean working environment.

10 Advantages of Our Hiring vs Purchasing Equipment

  1. Hire rate includes service and maintenance over the duration of the agreement, which avoids unscheduled expenses.
  2. Hire costs are tax deductible against income where as purchases are paid from shareholders’ funds and/or borrowings, eliminates Capital Purchases.
  3. Hire equipment enables you to work with a minimal amount of equipment reducing the need for spare or surplus equipment. Should the need arise Capital Equipment Hire can provide Short Term Rental equipment for peak periods.
  4. A Hire agreement is not required to be displayed as a liability in company financial statements, where as leases which under accounting standards ASRB1008 require Balance Sheet disclosure..
  5. CEH Term Hire System simplifies budgeting and fund control. No need to wait for capital to be available for purchase and to allocate funds for maintenance or repairs.
  6. Long Term Hire provides an edge on inflation operating with today’s costs in tomorrow’s environment.
  7. Hire provides the means to obtain the latest technology improving operator satisfaction, OH&S & overall efficiency. Operator training is available to ensure you receive the most from the selected equipment.
  8. Your businesses valuable management time and skills will be freed up to concentrate on your core business activities.
  9. Capital Equipment Hire have a large range of hire units allowing the ability to offer the correct equipment for your requirements, the ability to change or upgrade equipment during the hire term as your requirements change.
  10. Contact us today to discuss our fleet of casual rental machines (daily, weekly or monthly) or take delivery of new equipment over a long term agreement a fixed weekly rate.