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AX651 Carpet Cleaning Machine Unique multi-surface machine

Nilfisk AX651 is a battery-powered automatic multi-surface machine. The same machine can be used for both hard floors and soft floors (carpets) by a simple converting function, giving you full flexibility and driving down the total cost of cleaning.
Superior cleaning result on carpets both in LIFT mode or restoration mode helps you protect your carpet investments. Standard is EDS – ECO Dosage Solution – onboard detergent for optimal savings of water and detergent.

  • Multitasking machine for both hard floors and soft floors, driving down total cost of cleaning
  • EDS, ECO Dosage Solution for longer running time and precise detergent metering
  • High cleaning result, CRI Seal of Approval for deep cleaning of carpets
  • Easy to use and maintenance

AX651 Multi Surface Cleaning Machine Specifications

Brand Model # Power Working Width (mm) Sol / Rec tank Weight (kg) Dimensions (LxWxH cm)
Nilfisk AX651 24v 2040w 610 75 / 60 168 142 x 69 x 111

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product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: AX651
Description: 24 v battery powered scrubber dryer / carpet extractor-True Multi Surface machine
Applications: Hotels, Hospitals, Department stores, Casinos, Schools, Aged care, ideal choice for mixture of large carpeted and hard floors
Warranty: 12 months /1000 hours, Parts & Labour

AX651 Features & Benefits

  • Excellent cleaning ability = Cleaning performance
  • Simple controls = User friendly
  • Robust construction = Long-term durability
  • Cylindrical scrubber dryer / Carpet extractor = Versatile
  • Large area cleaning ability = High productivity