Road Sweeper Specification Summary

The range of road sweepers listed below represents a significant step forward in outdoor cleaning efficiency. Gone are the days of huge, noisy, cumbersome machines. Today a sledgehammer is not necessary for cracking nuts.

The fast mobile and brilliantly designed units making up this series are the most innovative road sweepers available. The RS series are built for modern day demands and based on years of global cleaning experience, this compact range offers high productivity, flexibility which achieve first class results.

We understand how important it is to choose the correct equipment for your cleaning needs, to gain the very most our of your investment. Capital Equipment provides an extensive operator training programme to ensure your staff have the confidence and skills to utilise the full potential of the selected equipment. We pride ourselves in after sales service to provide unrivalled support in containing long-term operational costs.

Capital Equipment Hire offers an extensive range of compact outdoor road sweepers, click on an image below for more product information on the selected model or contact us today at call # 1300 799 312 for professional advice. We can arrange an obligation-free site evaluation and a demonstration to ensure you choose the best-suited model.

Brand Model Image Power Source Productivity
Sweeping Width
Hopper Volume (Litres) Water Volume
Max Speed
(L x W x H(cm))
Nilfisk CR2250 Perkins Diesel 26.5kW 2100 500 20 282 x 120 x 196
Nilfisk CR3500 Perkins Diesel 38kW 2100 550 38 3500 408 x 113 x 190
Nilfisk RS502 Kubota Diesel 28kW 19200 1600 500 246 19 1700 311 x 123 x 199
Nilfisk RS851 VM Diesel 49kW 25200 2100 850 230 22 2600 285 x 135 x 236
Nilfisk RS1301 VM Diesel 67kW 27600 2300 1300 230 24 2800 416 x 135 x 220