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RS851 Nilfisk Road Sweeper

Small and mobile road sweeper

Small and mobile enough to handle pavements and congested areas, yet large enough to offer productive cleaning of city squares and urban spaces, overcome 17 cm high kerbs and steps climbing ability is 22%. It has a fantastic manoeuvrability and its low noise level won’t disturb the neighbours.

The RS 851 is truly versatile. Combining compact size with high performance, this unit answers the demand for modern day city sweeping. With the third brush, it has a sweeping path width of 2.1 metres.

  • High Suction Performances: the largest and the highest suction nozzle in this segment
  • 850 litres hopper with possibility of dumping up to 162 cm
  • RS851 Maxi with 3rd broom std makes machine even more versatile, easy to sweep everywhere
  • MTS diagnostic box to monitor maintenance programme of the machine and operator misuse

RS851 Road Sweeper Specifications

Model Number Power Cleaning Path (mm) Hopper Capacity (l) Dimensions (LxWxH)
RS851 49KW Diesel 1600 / 2100 850 285 x 135 x 236

Nilfisk RS851 Road Sweeper Downloads

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    RS851 Operators Manual

RS851 Compact Road Sweeper in Action

Road sweeper product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: RS851
Industry: Government, Contract cleaning, Enviromental services, Aged care, Education
Applications: Councils, Parks, Schools, Amusement parks, Car parks, Road ways, Hospitals, Waste services
Warranty: 12 months / 1000 hours - Parts & Labour

RS851 Road Sweeper Features

  • High suction power = Performance
  • Compact design = Highly maneuverable
  • Clearview visibility tm = Effeciency, Safety
  • DustGuard™ feature = Elimination of air borne dust
  • Rugged construction = Long term durability
  • Rear wheel steering = Highly maneuverable
  • On-board high pressure cleaner = Versatility
  • Third side broom available = Productivity
  • Remote suction wand = Versatility