Choosing a Scrubber Dryer?

Scrubbing and drying in one pass

Years of industry-leading experience have taught us how to make Scrubber/Dryers capable of doing an excellent job of cleaning floors. They are simple to operate and produce consistently good cleaning results regardless of operator.

Although our Scrubber/Dryers are built to last, they are easy to maintain and service.

The Nilfisk products range from small cabled walk-behinds for hard floor cleaning in small areas to large battery-powered ride-ons that clean up to 6,200 m² per hour. In short, products for cleaning everything from light commercial areas to industrial premises.

Types of Scrubber/Dryers we offer:

  • 240v mains-powered > simple to use and ideal for smaller areas
  • battery powered walk-behinds > typically suited to medium-sized areas
  • battery powered ride-ons > ideal for large areas and with very high productivity and flexibility
  • all are flexible in use and boost productivity for a relatively low investment.

No matter what your choice: all our Scrubber/Dryers scrub the floor quietly, efficiently and quickly, vacuum up liquid and leave the floor dry, streak-free and spotlessly clean – all in a single pass.

Scrubber Floor Types

Scrubber Pad Types

Scrubber Dryer Brush Guide

Easy maintenance for a Scrubber Dryer

All Nilfisk machines have been built for easy maintenance and maximum up-time – enhanced by features like:

  • easy access to key components (batteries, vacuum motor, etc.)
  • easy and quick change of squeegee blades, brushes and pads
  • no tools needed to change accessories
  • easy access to batteries for service; easy to charge

Scrubber Dryer ergonomic features and operator comforts:

  • OneTouch™ control panel for all scrubbing and drying functions
  • adjustable steering column, including upright tilting function for easy boarding
  • comfortable seat with arm rest and safety belt
  • operator compartment with ClearView™ sight lines for excellent vision
  • back-up alarm
  • QuickChange™ – no tools interchangeable deck system.