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Fiorentini I115SS compact ride-on Sweeper Scrubber Dryer The total cleaning solution in one pass

When the demand is for a machine capable of sweeping, scrubbing and drying large areas in a cost-effective method, the Fiorentini I115SS is the solution.

With a steel construction and wrap around bumpers, large capacity tanks and hopper, and a choice between 36-volt battery electric, LPG or diesel powered, this combination machine is built to perform effectively. The machine’s cleaning power is enhanced by disc brushes and a squeegee system to dry the floors quickly. The real performance capability of the I115S provides outstanding results and impressive productivity gains that quickly repay investment costs.

The choice is a simple one, the Fiorentini I115S combination sweeper scrubber dryer.

  • Rear wheel power steering for better traction control
  • Compact design makes operation simple
  • Low investment provides excellent value for money

Combination Sweeper Scrubber Dryer Specifications

Model Number Power Source   Sweeping Width (mm) Scrubbing path (mm) Dimensions (L x W x H(cm))
I115SS 36 V batt / LPG / Diesel   1450 1150 210 x 123 x 142

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    I115SS Parts List

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    I115SS Operators Manual

Product Summary

Brand: Fiorentini
Model: I115SS combination sweeper scrubber dryer
Available in: 36 v Battery, LPG, Petrol or Diesel
Applications: Warehousing and Logistics, Food & Beverage, Government departments, Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial applications, Mining, Contract cleaning
Warranty: 12 months / 1000 hours - Parts & Labour

I115SS Features & Benefits

  • High capactiy = Productivity
  • Exellent cleaning results = Performance
  • Rugged construction = Long term durability