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Fiorentini N53B superscrub compact micro Scrubber Dryer The practical answer for small to medium area cleaning tasks

The Fiorentini N53B super scrub battery powered scrubber dryer offers effective scrubbing and drying of small to medium areas, basic controls and functions provide years of reliable operation.

The N53B super scrub is a popular choice for contract cleaners, the 53cm cleaning path provides high productivity and the curved squeegee ensures all water is retrieved even on tight turns. It comes standard with a traction drive system that reduces operator fatigue and allows the operator to cover a large area quickly.

  • Simple functions ensure low long-term operating costs
  • Standard traction drive system reduces operator fatigue and allows the area to be cleaned quickly
  • Adjustable handle allows the operator to select the optimal cleaning position
  • Various brushes or pads available which allows it to be tailored to many floor types

N53B Scrubber Dryer Specifications

Model Number Power Source Brush Type Cleaning Path (mm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm)
N53B 24 volt Battery 1 X Disc brush 530 155 114 x 55 98

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    N53B superscrub Fact Sheet

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    N53B superscrub Operators Manual

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    N53B Parts List

N53B product summary

Brand: Fiorentini
Model: N53B scrubber dryer
Available in: 24 volt battery
Applications: Supermarkets, Indoor sports venues, Warehouses, Contract Cleaners, Hospitals
Warranty: 12 months, parts & labour

N53B Features & benefits

  • Low investment = Excellent value
  • Traction drive system standard = Less operator fatigue, High productivity
  • Simple controls = User friendly
  • Basic function = Reliability