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Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 233
Scrubber Dryer
Electrically Driven walk behind Scrubber Dryer

The SCRUBTEC 233 Scrubber Dryer is a small electrically driven 240v walk behind scrubber dryer.  Its ease of operation and cleaning in both forward and backward modes makes this an efficient cleaning machine. It is compact with a foldable and adjustable handle making it easy to transport and is designed with a two tank system. This machine can also be used as a carpet extractor with additional accessories.

The SCRUBTEC 233 being the smallest unit in the range offers the highest brush pressure within its class, enabling excellent cleaning performance.  It is designed to scrub and dry floors in congested and space-restricted areas and anywhere that normally can only be cleaned by a single-disc machine and vacuum cleaner.

  • Clear lid on recovery tank makes it easy to see the cleaning result
  • Compact design with large wheels
  • Two tank design
  • Cleaning agent added with a precise dosing pump
  • Quick connection for accessories
  • The machine is equipped with two dish brushes/ pads giving 18 kg of down pressure
  • The machine can be operated going forwards or backward
  •  Height adjustable and foldable handle

Scrubtec 233  Scrubber Dryer Specifications

Model Number Power Source Brush Type Cleaning Path (mm) Weight (kg) .....Dimensions (cm)..... (L x H x W)
Scrubtec 233 240v 1 x Disc 330 22 66  x 39  x 46

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    Scrubtec 233 Fact Sheet

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    Scrubtec 233 Operators Manual

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Scrubtec 233 in Action

product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: Alto Scrubtec 233
Available in: 240-volt
Applications: Supermarkets, kitchens, canteens, offices, sports centres
Warranty: 12 months, parts & labour

Features & Benefits

  • Compact design = Ability to clean in restricted areas
  • Two tank design = Efficiency
  • Excellent cleaning results = Cleaning performance
  • Foldable handle = Easy for storage or to transport
  • Rugged construction = Durability
  • Simple controls = User friendly