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Fimap Genie B Compact Micro Scrubber Dryer

The smart choice to increase cleaning performance over mopping

The Fimap Genie B Scrubber is compact in size, allowing it to clean under furniture and in those tight, congested areas where other scrubber/dryers can’t even think of going.

The Fimap Genie B 12-volt compact micro scrubber has the performance of a larger disc scrubber yet compact to scrub those hard to reach areas. It represents a combination of compact design, cleaning performance and excellent pickup ability.

Yet, despite the small profile, the cleaning power is that of a far bigger machine. Easy to transport: the machine weight is 67kg; the handle can be folded on the machine

  • Scrubbing and drying performance: the machine is equipped with one brush with 20 kg of pressure, to ensure real scrubbing efficiency
  • The innovative parabolic squeegee has been designed to track the scrub brush to ensure excellent pickup, even on tight turns leaving the floor dry and safe.
  • Folding handle makes transportation from job to job easily
  • Superb cleaning performance in restricted areas

Scrubber Dryer Specifications

Model Number Power Source Brush Type Cleaning Path (mm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (L x H x W) (cm)
Genie B 12v 1 X Disc brush 350 67 68.2 x 111.5 x 44

Fimap Genie B Scrubber Downloads

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    Genie B Parts List

Genie B Scrubber in Action

Scrubber product summary

Brand: Fimap
Model: Genie B Micro Scrubber Dryer
Available in: 12 volt
Applications: Kitchens, Hospitality, Cafes, Aged care, Small tight areas, Contract cleaners
Warranty: 12 months, Parts and labour

Genie B Features & Benefits

  • Compact design = User friendly
  • Simple controls = Easy to use
  • Portable = Easy to transport
  • Excellent cleaning results = Cleaning performance
  • Low investment = Value