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Nilfisk BR755 BR755C BR855 Compact Ride-on Scrubber Dryer 

Better ergonomics, better reliability, better cleaning

Welcome to the modern world of cleaning: a world in which efficiency is essential, where ergonomic and environmental considerations are vital, and where the ability to meet the most
demanding customer expectations is paramount. Nilfisk’s new generation of ride-on scrubber dryers feature all that modern cleaning professionals demand, and more. Better reliability, outstanding traction, a decibel level low enough to make daytime cleaning possible in even the most sensitive areas, and amazing efficiency in both scrubbing and drying performance.
Added to which there are innovations such as the standard ECO Dosage solution and the fully integrated EDS option, for precise detergent metering.
Plus the new Evergreen controls consumption levels keeping cleaning “green”, but giving more cleaning power when needed.
The BR 755/755C/855 series is simply the better choice

• Flexible software menu gives a tailored machine to suit the specific application
• Waterproof one touch control panel simplifies operations for better results
• User friendly, easy to operate and highly productive
• High manoeuvrability allows cleaning in congested areas
• Adjustable scrubbing pressure ensures better results regardless of the dirt level
• Integrated 3 stage vacuum reduces noise levels to just 63 dB(A)
• New squeegee concept: compact, easy to adjust and more reactive
• Patented design for a top drying efficiency
• Large battery compartment enables a 360A battery tray for more than 4.5 hours running time
• Robust design ideal for commercial & industrial cleaning such as supermarkets, shopping centres, schools, airports, hospitals, warehouses, food and iron&metal industry

Scrubber Dryer Specifications

Model Number Type Cleaning Path (mm) Weight (kg) Dimensions(WxLxH(cm))
BR755/BR755C/BR855 Ride-on 710/710/860 658/662/660 152x92x131

Nilfisk BR755/BR755C/BR855 Scrubber Downloads

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    BR755 BR855 Fact Sheet

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    BR755 BR855 Operators Manual

Nilfisk BR755 BR755C BR855 Scrubber in Action

product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: BR755 / 755C/ BR855
Available in: 24 volt battery power, either disc or cylindrical brush type
Applications: Department stores, Warehousing, Contract cleaning, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Industrial applications
Warranty: 12 months / 1000 hours, parts & labour

Features & benefits

  • Excellent cleaning results = Cleaning performance
  • OneTouch controls = User friendly
  • Robust design = Long-term durability
  • Patented squeegee system = Drying performance
  • Variable brush pressure = Heavy duty cleaning performance
  • Low noise level = cleaning in noise sensitive areas