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Nilfisk CA531 / BA531 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Silent, compact and easy to manoeuvre

This walk behind series has retained the best of the former generation, but offers more comfort and productivity in an improved design.

Floors are cleaned and dried in one single pass, and the compact design permits cleaning right to the edge, even in congested areas.

And all the battery driven versions are now equipped with the new Ecoflex system, which keeps the consumption control, but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water and detergent for more aggressive cleaning tasks; Green meets clean.

That is why this series makes effective floor cleaning a fast, quiet and inexpensive task.

  • Ecoflex system: complete consumption control without any compromise with cleaning performance
  • Ecoflex chemical kit, for automatic and accurate detergent mixing. Offered as an optional kit
  • Low noise level allowing daytime cleaning anywhere, even in noise sensitive areas
  • Recovery tank can be tilted allowing easy access to the internal components and battery maintenance
  • ECO Solution when activated reduces water consumption by 50%
  • Adjustable brush pressure allow customization to the cleaning task

Scrubber Dryer Specifications

Model Number Brush type Cleaning path (mm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (L x W x H(cm))
CA531 BA531 1 x Disc brush 530  117 237 122 x 54 x 105

Nilfisk BA531 & CA531 Scrubber Downloads

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    BA531 / CA531 User Manual

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    CA531 / BA531D / BA551D Service Manual

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    CA531 / BA531 Parts List

CA531 / BA531 Scrubber in Action

CA531 / BA531 product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: CA531 / BA 531 Scrubber dryer
Available in: Either 240 volt cable or 24 volt battery power
Applications: Supermarkets, Indoor sports venues, Warehouses, Contract Cleaners, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Aged care, Hospitals
Warranty: 12 months / 1000 hours, parts & labour

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent cleaning results = Cleaning performance
  • Rugged construction = Durability
  • Simple controls = User friendly
  • Eco-flex (optional) = Cleaning performance
  • On-board charger = User friendly, convenient
  • OneTouch controls = User friendly