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Nilfisk SC400 Compact Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

The smart way to clean floors

The SC400 scrubber/dryer represents the best in floor cleaning design. It is compact, but with its 43 cm scrubbing deck, has all the features normally associated with larger machines. It can handle all types of floors and is even capable of tackling stripping tasks. ECO Solution as standard.

The SC400 is a compact machine with big equipment features. Easy to handle, economically priced unit can clean at a rate of 1.720 m² per hour.

Plus, because of the detailed attention we give to ergonomics, it can produce this kind of high productivity without creating operator fatigue.

The machine is supplied with either mains cable or battery drive power. The battery version comes fully fitted with batteries, an onboard battery charger and cleaning brush, and is ready-to-use without the need for costly extras.

Both versions feature the ECO water and chemical saving concept and are suited to a wide variety of institutional or commercial applications.

  • Easy to use, simple to maintain and productivity of 1.720 m2 per hour
  • A built in hook permits to store the brush in front of the machine
  • A special wheel protects the brush during parking and ensures an easy transportation
  • Removable recovery tank for easy cleaning, and for full access to batteries and main components

Scrubber Dryer Specifications

Model Number Power source Brush type Cleaning path (mm) Dimensions (L x W x H(cm))
SC400E/SC400B 240 volt  /  24 volt battery 1 x Disc brush  430  100 x 57 x 84

Nilfisk SC400 Scrubber Downloads

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    SC400 Fact Sheet

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    SC400 Service Poster

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    SC400B Parts List

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    SC400E Parts List

SC400 In Action

product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: SC400 Compact Scrubber Dryer
Available in: Either 240 volt or 24 volt battery
Applications: Hospitals, Restaurants, convenience stores, Aged care, Contract Cleaners, Small warehouses, Pharmaceutical
Warranty: 12 months, Parts & labour

SC400 Features & Benefits

  • Simple to operate = User friendly
  • Rugged construction = Durability
  • Excellent cleaning results = Cleaning performance
  • Compact design  = User friendly