Choosing a Sweeper for your site

Why use a sweeper?

There are many good reasons for using a sweeper – here are some of them:

  • improved image due to clean floors
  • workers’ and customers’ health and safety
  • extended floor life
  • less contamination
  • faster operations
  • less inventory maintenance due to less dust

Where to use sweepers?

Our sweepers can be used for every kind of hard floor like concrete, epoxy-coated floors, tiles and asphalt. Indoor and outdoor.

Typical application areas for sweepers:

  • warehouse and distribution facilities
  • manufacturing areas
  • parking areas and ramps
  • food and beverage industries
  • sport and recreational facilities
  • iron and metal industry
  • electronics industry
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • transportation and logistics
  • exhibition and convention centres

Battery-powered and LPG driven version for indoor use and petrol and diesel for outdoor applications.

The cleaning task

Before choosing a sweeper, you should consider:

    • type of flooring > concrete, tiles, linoleum, polyurethane, stone etc.
    • type of soiling > oil, grease, varnish, glue, food, spilled liquid, solid debris, dust etc.
    • type of chemical > acid, alkaline, neutral, disinfection, polymer, wax etc.

You should also consider the size of the area to be cleaned, if the cleaning takes place indoor or outdoor, ergonomic advantages and cost efficiency factors. Choose from the left menu bar to read more about these topics.

Floor types

Most often you will find:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Tiles
  • Linoleum

Main rules:

The lighter the material to pick up is, the lighter the brush must be. The smoother the floor is, the easier it is for the sweeper to work. This means that is possible to use a lighter brush in order to prevent damages to delicate surfaces. Carpet: the models SW750, Floortec 350, SR1000S are suitable to clean on carpets as well as on hard floors.

Here are some brush examples

  • Polypropylene: medium hardness good for many applications, e.g. asphalt, linoleum, epoxy floor
  • Natural fiber: for very light dust and carpet
  • Mixed PPL/steel: hard brush for industrial use, heavy dust, stones etc. Good performance on concrete and asphalt


Our sweepers include ergonomic features and operator comforts like:

  • adjustable steering column, including upright tilting function for easy boarding
  • adjustable seat with arm rest and safety belt
  • operator compartment with ClearView™ sight lines for excellent vision

Sweeper Accessories

We have a full range of accessories – like:

  • large variety of brushes and filters for different kind of cleaning applications
  • overhead guard for ride-on sweepers for operator safety
  • comfort seat to reduce fatique of the operator
  • belt for high safety
  • front roller bumper kits to protect the machine and the environment
  • side broom guard to protect the machine

When on a product page clicking the tab “accessories” shows a list of available accessories for the selected machine.

Easy Maintenance for your Sweeper

All Nilfisk machines have been built for easy maintenance and maximum up-time – enhanced by features like:

  • easy access to key components (batteries, motors, etc.)
  • easy and quick change of brushes and filters
  • no tools needed to change main consumables
  • easy access to batteries for service; easy to charge