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Fimap FS700 / FS800 B/H

Ride on SweeperRide-on sweeper with manual dump

The Fimap FS700/FS800 is a ride-on sweeper with manual dump which is ideal for sweeping of large areas or narrow spaces. It is built in a compact design combining a wide 850mm sweeping path with 360° manoeuvrability. This machine will get the job done quickly and effectively with maximum driver comfort.

It can cover large areas of floors or carpets as well as to fit into tight spaces such as an elevator or a narrow aisle. The Fimap FS700/FS800 is a robust sweeper designed to withstand tough working conditions indoors and outdoors. The perfect ergonomics, user-friendly operation and low maintenance costs are designed to give you dust-free and trouble free sweeping 365 days a year.

  • Powerful vacuum motor and large filter for continuous dust free sweeping
  • Two side brooms for wide sweeping path
  • Quick and easy change of filters, main and side brooms without the use of tools
  • Adjustable seat to accommodate all drivers ensures maximum driver safety and comfort
  • Adjustable steering column to fit the operator
  • User friendly control panel is clear and easy to read
  • The I-Drive philosophy makes all the controls intuitive, so every user can work more effectively and efficiently
  • Low noise sweeping gives pleasant work environment
  • Foot pedal for speed and forward/reverse control on the panel improves ergonomics and safety

Sweeper Specifications

Model Number Power Source Cleaning Path (mm) Weight (kg) .....Dimensions (cm)....... (L x H x W)
FS700 / FS800 B 24v Battery 1000 238  160  x 131  x 94
FS700 / FS800 H Petrol 1000 260 160  x 131  x 94

Fimap FS700/FS800BH Sweeper Downloads

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    FS700 Operators Manual

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    FS700 Parts List

FS700 Sweeper in Action

Sweeper Product Summary

Brand: Fimap
Model: FS700 - FS800 B/H
Available in: Battery, Petrol
Applications: Car parks, manufacturing, shopping centres, sports centres, factories, warehouses
Warranty: 12 months - parts & labour

Features & Benefits

  • Electrical filter shaker = Easy cleaning
  • Simple controls = Operator  friendly
  • Large hopper capacity = Efficiency
  • Ergonomic operator position = Safety
  • Wide sweeping path = High productivity
  • Rugged construction = Durability