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Fimap FSR Compact Ride-On Sweeper

The autonomy of the gasoline engine meets the clean energy of the battery power

The Fimap FSR works fast and is very compact and manoeuvrable. Enjoy the pleasure to have everything under control thanks to the steering wheel engineered to offer ergonomics and an easy drive without distractions.   The machine design ensures full visibility during work and makes the interaction with the machine comfortable and gratifying.

Sweeper Specifications

Model Number Power Source Cleaning Path (mm) Weight (kg) .....Dimensions (cm)....... (L x H x W)
FSR 24v Battery 1000 248  145  x 100  x 84
FSR Petrol Hybrid 1000 249 145  x 100  x 84

Fimap FSR Sweeper Downloads

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    FSR Fact Sheet

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    FSR Operators Manual

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    FSR Parts List

Fimap FSR Sweeper

Sweeper product summary

Brand: Fimap
Model: FSR
Available in: Battery or Hybrid
Applications: Warehouses, Factories, Hotels, Schools, Large carpeted areas
Warranty: 12 months/1000 hours- Parts & Labour

FSR Features & benefits

  • Compact design = Highly manoeuvrable
  • Up to 7.5 non stop working hours
  • Very low consumptions and great autonomy
  • More than 4 hours with zero emissions when electrically powered
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Possibility to work indoors and outdoors with great versatility