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Nilfisk SW4000 Ride-On Sweeper

The high dump ride-on sweeper for industrial cleaning

The Nilfisk SW4000 is a big performance ride-on sweeper with a cleaning capacity of up to 10,800 m² per hour. It’s ideal for outdoor and indoor sweeping applications, such as parking lots, pathways, railway stations, loading bays, warehouses, and industrial areas. A dust flap allows the collection of large debris, without having to stop to pick it up manually. And the hydraulic dump system allows to unload the hopper with 100 litres of dirt at a height of up to 1.50m. The key distinctive features of this sweeper are robustness for increased durability and superior sweeping and suction results. The design is highly focused on ergonomics for easy and convenient use. For fast inspections and routine maintenance, the dust filter and main brush can easily be replaced without using tools.

Sweeper Specifications

Model Number Power Source Cleaning Path (mm) Weight (kg)


(L x W x H) (cm)









164 x 103.5 x 132

164 x 103.5 x 133

Nilfisk SW4000 Sweeper Downloads

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    SW4000 Facts List

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    SW4000 Service Poster

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    SW4000 Parts List

Sweeper product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: SW4000 Ride-on Sweeper
Available in: 24-volt Battery, Petrol or LPG powered
Applications: Factories, Warehouses, Manufacturing, Car parks, Industrial applications, Contract Cleaning
Warranty: 12 months/1000 hours - Parts & Labour

SW4000 Features & benefits

  • Nilfisk MaxAccess™ system = Ease of maintenance
  • Excellent cleaning results = cleaning performance
  • Simple to use = operator friendly
  • Ergonomic operator position and controls = Reduced fatigue, safety
  • Rugged construction = Long term durability
  • Clearview visibility = Efficiency & safety
  • Large coverage rate = High productivity
  • Hydraulic hopper = No manual handling, safety
  • No tools system = Ease of maintenance