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Nilfisk SR2000 Ride-On Industrial Sweeper

For heavy duty sweeping jobs

When the dirt is really heavy on the ground, a serious
approach is needed. The Nilfisk SR2000 with its large
capacity, robust design and technically advanced
features, provides fast and efficient cleaning in these
heavy-duty applications.

Whether it’s a dirty industry factory floor, building site,
car park or public park, the SR2000 ensures cleaning
that is productive and effective. It is easy and
comfortable to operate and its superb filter system
keeps dust to a minimum.

The Nilfisk SR2000 is truly the king of ride-on sweepers.

  • Can carry up to 818 kg of dirt and debris and dump it
    to a height of 152 cm
  • Two water resistant panel filters provide an
    exceptionally large filtering area with dust control to 1
    micron in size
  • Power steering and adjustable suspension
  • High temperature warning light indicates that hot items
    have been swept into the hopper
  • Possibility to roll hopper out to move debris forward =
    reduced need for dumping seat as standard

SR2000 Sweeper Specifications

Model Number Cleaning path (mm) Hopper capacity (litres) Weight (kg) Dimensions ( L x W x H ) ( cms )
SR2000 1980 765 1680 245 x 179 x 151

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    SR2000 Facts Sheet

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    SR2000 Operators Manual

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    SR2000 Parts List

SR2000 Sweeper in Action

Sweeper product summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: SR2000
Available in: Petrol, LPG or Diesel powered
Applications: Industrial applications, Car parks, Warehouses, Contract cleaning, Construction
Warranty: 12 months / 1000 hours - Parts & Labour

SR2000 Features & benefits

  • Excellent sweeping results = Cleaning performance
  • Rugged construction = Long term durability
  • Dual dust control filters = Cleaning performance
  • Ease of maintenance = Reduced operating costs
  • Large capacity = High productivity