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Nilfisk Alto Floortec 480M
Walk-Behind Sweeper

Manually operated walk behind sweeper

The Nilfisk Alto Floortec 480M is a manually operated robust sweeper for small areas. It has an adjustable main and side broom, foldable handle and a robust large hopper with carrying handle. Perfect for sweeping small amounts of dry dirt, sand, gravel, cans, corks and cigarettes.

Built with a rugged non-corrosive frame and two main and side brooms this compact manual sweeper is 5 times faster and more efficient than a traditional broom.

  • Folding handle for easy storage and transport
  • Light and strong hopper with carrying handle makes it easy to empty
  • Large hopper minimizes the time spent on emptying the hopper
  • Adjustable side and main broom to compensate for wear
  • Sturdy construction ensures long life

Sweeper Specifications

Model Number Power Source Cleaning Path (mm) Weight (kg) .....Dimensions (cm)....... (L x H x W)
Floortec 480M Mechanical 840 16 130  x 82  x 103

Nilfisk Floortec 480M Downloads

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    480M Fact Sheet

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    480M Operators Manual

  • Click on pdf icon and download
    480M Parts List

Floortec 480M in Action

Sweeper Product Summary

Brand: Nilfisk
Model: Alto Floortec 480M
Available in: Mechanically powered
Applications: Warehouses, factories, car parks, retail stores, malls, schools, hotels, office buildings, bus/ railway stations, garages
Warranty: 12 months - parts & labour

Features & Benefits

  • Folding Handle  = Easy storage
  • Large hopper capacity = Efficiency
  • Adjustable Handle = Operator Comfort
  • Rugged construction = Durability
  • Light weight = Easy to Transport