Choosing a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

About commercial vacuum cleaners

We have the widest range of commercial vacuum cleaners – offering cleaning professionals the exact solutions they need. Our machines are highly competitive and powerful vacs for facility cleaning. Built to last.

We are constantly developing breakthrough designs in order to meet new cleaning challenges. They include daytime cleaning in noise-sensitive areas; having to clean in a very short space of time like on aeroplanes; or in heavily furnished areas or on stairways with the highly ergonomic backpack vac, the GD 5/10 Back.

Cleaning rooms with very demanding hygienic standards like in hospitals or anti-allergic hotel rooms can be met with HEPA-equipped vacs.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) filtration means dust separation of 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns (one micron=millionth of a meter).

With outstanding performance and features like easy emptying and corrosion resistance, our range of wet and dry vacs meet demanding wet applications in e.g. kitchens, pool areas and picking up fluid spills.

Our Vacuum Cleaner Ranges:

  • Dry vacs
  • Ergonomic backpack vacs
  • Battery vacs
  • Uprights
  • Wet and dry vacs.

Capital Equipment have four categories of vacuum cleaners

  • Dry vacuums: For almost any application. Our range comprises several sizes with normal dustbag volume for a professional vac is 5-10 litres.
  • Wet and dry vacuums: Available with tank capacities from 5-75 litres; equipped with one or two motors.
  • Backpack vacuums: Backpack vacuums are a perfect choice for cleaning stairways, heavily furnished areas, aeroplanes or busy areas like hotels where guests need to pass by. And the operator always has one hand free for other tasks. Our backpack vacuums are the most ergonomic in the market.
  • Uprights Vacuums: Good for efficient cleaning of carpets due to the rotating brush that mechanically lifts the dust and dirt out of the carpet.

Vacuum Cleaning in noise-sensitive areas

The task of developing a vacuum cleaner that can be used in the presence of guests was given to the development department of Nilfisk-Advance.

The result is the GD 2000 series – the world’s quietest vac, yet combined with powerful performance. This professional vacuum cleaner offers exceptionally quiet operation – as little as 44dB (BS 5415 at low speed), powerful suction and superior filtration.

Nilfisk GD 2000 is ideal for daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas like libraries, hospitals, hotels and offices – without disturbing anyone.

Making Commercial Vacuum Cleaning Profitable

Cleaning jobs with daytime shifts are easier to fill since more people are willing to work “normal” hours. This, and the resulting lower labour costs of not having to pay unsocial hours work, are two obvious benefits. However, there are other important but less obvious ones. They include customer relations and cleaning efficiency.

Daytime cleaning gains more respect for cleaning staff, since office or factory workers will see the cleaning personnel in action.

It also helps the cleaning staff to know how the building is utilized, which areas are heavily used and which areas are hardly used at all. This aids planning and reduces unnecessary cleaning.

Since both the cleaner and the customer are on the job at the same time, it is far easier to build meaningful communications. They can discuss cleaning issues and exchange valuable feedback. On-going dialogue with the cleaner means immediate cleaning needs can be communicated, if this is appropriate to a contract.

Save on cleaning costs

Daytime cleaning has always made sense. But previously noisy, cumbersome cleaning equipment made it impractical. Now, due to new well-designed, low-noise, compact cleaning machinery, daytime cleaning is not only possible, it is the smart thing to do!