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BRX700 Carpet Cleaning Machine
The industrial, multi-tasking ride-on sweeper/extractor

The BRX700 is the sensible answer for large area carpet cleaning. It is designed to eliminate vacuuming before extracting by sweeping debris into the integrated hopper and extracting dirt from the carpet in one pass.
With the wide 71 cm cleaning path and 170 litres solution tank, productivity is increased by 400% compared to standard method. The dual rotating brushes sweeps and cleans, leaving the carpet with a “groomed” appearance. The Nilfisk BRX700 has long running time. EDS – ECO Dosage Solution – allows 9 water tank loads (of 170 litres) before the highly concentrated detergent cartridge needs changing. The ECO Solution reduces water consumption by 50%, only 1 litre of water is used for cleaning as much as 15 m2.

  • Cleans up to 1720 m² per hour in low moisture mode
  • 160 cm turning radius, can fit a 83 cm doorway
  • One touch control, excellent driver visibility
  • Dual vacuum unit enables quick dry time

Nilfisk BRX700 Specifications

Model Number Power Source Productivity (m2) Sweeping Width (mm) Hopper Capacity (Litres) Weight (kg) Dimensions (LxWxHcm)
BRX700 48v Battery 19200/13440 1600 315 1220 222 x 132 x 146

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Sweeper product summary

Brand: Nilfisk BRX700
Purpose: Industrial ride on sweeper with high dump hopper
Suitable Areas: Factories, warehouses, construction sites, car parks, industrial applications, contract cleaners
Other: Easy serviceability
Warrenty: 12 months or 1000 hours on parts and labour

BRX700 Sweeper Features

  • Excellent machine manoeuvrability thanks to the power steering (STD)
  • Nilfisk DustGuard™ system completely controls airborne dust to reduce cleaning time
  • Free floating main broom and fine tuning knob adjustment increases productivity and performance
  • MaxAccess™ system provides fast and easy access to facilitate servicing
  • The strong yet lightweight rotomoulded polyethylene covers and bumpers over a steel chassis provide automobile industry quality protection
  • NoTools™ system speeds main broom and side broom changing cutting down on service time