Nilfisk S3 N24 L50 FM Industrial Vacuum

Nilfisk S3 N24 L50 FM Industrial Vacuum complete with hose and accessories kit.

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Nilfisk S3 N24 L50 FM Industrial Vacuum
Product Description

The result of extensive market surveying to cater to today and tomorrow's industrial needs, Nilfisk has delivered the S2 and S3 vacuums. Easy to operate, transport, and utilise efficiently, these are the single-phase industrial vacuums for you.

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Star filter to maximise surface area and efficiency

  • Modular construction for simple servicing and customising

  • Easily moved and transported

  • Solid and liquid cut-off systems

  • Optional HEPA filter available

Maximised Efficiency
Maximised Efficiency

Star shaped filter optimised to allow the maximum amount of air to be treated at any one single time, thus increasing efficiency and productivity. Filter is also available as an option in M class, as well as additional HEPA grade absolute filter.

Electronic Control Board
Electronic Control Board

Electronic control board offers simple and intuitive operation, as well as providing continuous monitoring of the vacuum's efficiency.


With a wide range of attachments available and clever design allowing broad application, the S3 is the go-to for industrial vacuums.

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