AS5160T Scrubber Dryer

Viper AS5160T Scrubber Dryer complete with batteries, on-board charger and scrub brush.

6,300.00 +GST 6300.0 AUD


AS5160T Scrubber Dryer
Product Description

Offering an affordable and productive platform, Viper have built on previous models to bring a new offering of even greater productivity. Self-propulsion on their top of the line medium sized machine results in an easier work-load and reduced fatigue for the operator.

  • Highly productive walk-behind scrubber dryer with battery endurance and tank capacity to clean for hours

  • Traction motor for a reduction in operator fatigue

  • Hour meter

  • Brush and pad holders can be installed and removed automatically

  • Suitable for cleaning high traffic areas in hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, retail outlets and hospitals

Optimised Layout
Optimised Layout

The well designed layout of the AS5160 results in simple operation by virtually any operator, and a significantly shorter learning curve. All relevant machine information is conveniently and clearly displayed.

Ease of Access
Ease of Access

Easy access to vital components of the machine reduce servicing time and effort, reducing the overall already affordable cost. Battery isolator is also easily reached for long-term machine storage.

Increased Reliability
Increased Reliability

Scrub deck and squeegee are engaged mechanically, significantly increasing reliability and negating any overly complicated electronics systems. This also reduces associated servicing requirements and overall costs.

Listed below are the most common replacement parts for this machine.
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Black Scrubbing Pad

16.40 +GST 16.4 AUD


Red Scrubbing Pad

16.40 +GST 16.4 AUD


White Scrubbing Pad

16.40 +GST 16.4 AUD


Front Squeegee Blade

68.00 +GST 68.0 AUD


Rear Squeegee Blade

87.50 +GST 87.5 AUD


Full Squeegee Kit

697.50 +GST 697.5 AUD


Scrub Brush

113.00 +GST 113.0 AUD