Nilfisk SC500 53B Full Package Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk SC500 battery powered walk behind scrubber dryer complete with batteries, on-board charger, Ecoflex chemical kit, pad holder and prolene brush.

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Nilfisk SC500 53B Full Package Scrubber Dryer
Product Description

The SC500 53B Full Package scrubber-dryer impresses with its top of the line micro range performance and extensive application list. Designed to provide an easy, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable cleaning solution.

  • 530mm brush deck with adjustable brush speed control for differing floor conditions is raised and lowered easily and safely by an actuator motor.

  • Speed controlled detergent/water flow for consistent cleaning performance.

  • Informative digital display, intuitive icon buttons and ergonomic drive paddle provides simple, one touch control. Machine activated with separate keys for operators and super users ensuring machine settings are controlled.

  • Patented elastic strap system on squeegee facilitates easy cleaning and fast blade changing.

  • 12 month commercial warranty.

Increased Capacity Dials Up Productivity
Increased Capacity Dials Up Productivity

Low energy consumption provides up to 5 hours of operating time, and the large 45 litre solution tank partnered with speed sensitive solution flow and EcoFlex detergent system (as standard) take productivity to a new level.

New Standard in Operator Controls
New Standard in Operator Controls

Separate keys for Super User and Operator, all functions can be fine tuned to meet the required cleaning task. Operator speed can be set and silent mode activated for daytime or sensitive cleaning tasks. Informative display wth ergonomic drive paddle.

Superior Squeegee Design
Superior Squeegee Design

The clever patented design provides excellent water pick up and durability of blades. Suction hose and squeegee mounting plate have been redesigned to simplify operator maintenance. Integrated dust mop holder and utility box optional.

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