Hire of Fimap MMG Plus Ride-On Scrubber-Dryer

Fimap MMG Plus Ride-On Scrubber-Dryer available for casual or long-term hire.

Price on Application
Product Description

For the most advanced ride-on scrubber the market has to offer, look no further than the MMG Plus from Italian manufacturer Fimap. ID - Intelligent Drive touch screen operation system allows for superior customisability of the clean, as well as some of the most impressive productivity and efficiency figures among any global manufacturer.

  • Video tutorials for the operator in-built to the machine

  • Yellow highlighted and LED illuminated operator touch points

  • Up to 100kg scrub pressure

  • Set "zones" for cleaning settings of different areas

  • Robust and sturdy high-density polyethylene construction

  • Lateral side brush 

  • Up to 18% grade climbing ability

  • Best-in-industry ergonomics

    Long-term hire agreements are available from as little as $22 per day.

Intelligent Operation
Intelligent Operation

Fimap's ID - Intelligent Drive operating system with paddle controls places the extensively customisable machine functions into one, easy to operate and understand control point. With the ability to watch video tutorials, operate the machine on preset cleaning levels, or individually toggle machine speed, solution flow rate, scrub pressure, detergent utilisation, and vacuum strength so the operator can achieve the best cleaning results possible.

Highlighted Touch-Points
Highlighted Touch-Points

Areas of the machine which must be cleaned thoroughly at the end of every shift are colour coded yellow to highlight for any operator. Optional LED illumination pack also paints these areas in light to make the job even easier. The effect of this is ensured proper care and maintenance of the machine, and longer life from brushes, squeegees, hoses, and the serviceable lifetime of the scrubber itself.

Emphasised Safety
Emphasised Safety

Safety has been been prioritised on the MMG. Front and rear LED running lights, coupled with the amber safety beacon alert any individuals in the cleaning environment of its presence, rear-faced reversing camera and anti-collision sensor aid the operator in backing up the machine precisely, and the high-density polyethylene panels and tanks reduce any impact shock on the facility or operator. 

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