Hire of Nilfisk BR855 Battery Powered Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk BR855 battery-powered ride-on scrubber-dryer available for casual or long-term hire.

Price on Application
Product Description

The Nilfisk BR855 offers the ultimate in medium sized ride-on scrubber dryers with its optimally enhanced efficiency and ergonomics. It delivers better reliability, outstanding traction, a decibel level low enough to make daytime cleaning possible in even the most sensitive areas, and extremely high manoeuvrability.

  • Waterproof OneTouch control panel simplifies operations for better results

  • User friendly, easy to operate and highly productive

  • High maneuverability for cleaning in congested areas

  • Adjustable scrubbing pressure up to 96 kilograms

  • Three stage vacuum reduces noise levels

Long-term hire agreements are available from as little as $26 per day.

Easy and Intuitive Display
Easy and Intuitive Display

Conveniently located and clearly laid out control panel provides the operator with simple, trouble-free operation. Intuitive display cuts the learning curve for any new operator while simultaneously maximising productivity.


Single front drive wheel provides exceptional manoeuvrability with the ability to pivot on the spot. Coupled with its narrow machine dimensions the BR855 is able to clean and access tight areas that other ride-on units struggle to achieve.

Operation Sight Lines - ClearView
Operation Sight Lines - ClearView

Thanks to the high perch, narrow steering column, and high accessibility of the operator compartment, operator's visibility on the BR855 is exceptional. Cleaning along walls could not be easier thanks to the offset deck, roller bumper, and superb operator visibility.

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