9 Advantages to Renting Vs Buying Cleaning Equipment in 2023
Invest in the solution, not the asset
26 May, 2023 by
9 Advantages to Renting Vs Buying Cleaning Equipment in 2023
Capital Equipment Hire, Emma Dimech

There has no doubt been a tightening of budgets and cashflow for businesses in 2023 with likely more pressure to come. Although frustrating, it provides an opportunity to do business smarter by becoming more critical of the options available to secure capital equipment across a variety of applications.

Renting or hiring equipment is an option that should be considered more in this economic environment. Where businesses may have traditionally chosen to purchase an asset of their own, renting the same asset may prove to be a more financially stable option. Here are a few reasons to consider renting vs purchasing cleaning equipment in your business.

1. Less capital outlay

Renting equipment demands less upfront costs and instead calculates a small weekly or monthly rental rate. Floor scrubber hire or floor sweeper hire allows almost any customer with any budget access to the best cleaning equipment solutions available. It also means more budget towards other priority purchases in the business.

2. Casual Hire: Consumable replacement part costs are included

To keep running costs down, all daily and weekly rental equipment includes the replacement of wearable parts such as scrub brushes, brooms and squeegee rubbers. This ensures your cleaning equipment is always operating at its best performance without the added expense to your business.

3. Long-Term Hire: Inclusive of maintenance 

For customers on monthly rental agreements, Capital Equipment Hire covers periodic servicing and maintenance repairs within the hire rate, taking responsibility off the customer. Customers are charged additionally only for wearable items based on usage. It is peace of mind for everyone, to have one fixed invoice per month to better budget monthly expenses.

4. Efficient option for seasonal cleaning, tenders or project-based cleaning

Floor scrubber or sweeper hire is especially handy for construction projects or contract cleaners working off a specific timeline. It is a more efficient way to access cleaning equipment only when you need it, avoiding idle gear stored at your site.

5. Easier cashflow planning

Most rental agreements are charged on a monthly or weekly basis, making it easier for customers to forecast costs and anticipate expensive months. With a portion of the service expenses handled by the cleaning equipment dealer, it also reduces unexpected costs and keeps everything relatively easy to manage.

6. Speedy access to relief equipment in the case of a breakdown

Customers have the assurance of emergency equipment access for breakdowns and extended repairs. Businesses will not be delayed in their operations and will have replacement equipment free of charge.

7. Protection from inflation costs

For long-term rentals, the rental rate is fixed for the entire term of the period, avoiding instances of rate rises that will impact monthly expense planning. 

8. You are investing in the solution, not the asset

Every business needs a cleaning solution, but this doesn’t mean they require to own the asset too. Scrubber or sweeper hire takes away the costs to maintain the equipment and invests in the solution itself. A much simpler option for businesses.

9. You have a stronger relationship with your cleaning equipment partner

By renting the cleaning asset of a dealer company, you are immediately in a more connected relationship with your partner that will no doubt impact your cleaning success. Having frequent communication will ensure if you need anything, your dealer will make themselves available to assist you in any way possible. 

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