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Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

View the range of hot water high-pressure cleaners for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. Efficiently achieve outstanding cleanliness in your facility. Unsure where to start? Speak to our friendly Sales Team to book a site inspection and demonstration!

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HS2015 Hippo Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer
8,981.50 8,981.50 8981.5 AUD

8,165.00 8,165.00 Ex. GST

HS2021 Jumbo Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer
10,219.00 10,219.00 10219.0 AUD

9,290.00 9,290.00 Ex. GST

MH 7P 180/1260 FA
12,089.00 12,089.00 12089.0 AUD

10,990.00 10,990.00 Ex. GST

MH 4M 100/720 FA
8,684.50 8,684.50 8684.5 AUD

7,895.00 7,895.00 Ex. GST

HS1211 Rhino Hot Water Pressure Washer
7,480.00 7,480.00 7480.0 AUD

6,800.00 6,800.00 Ex. GST

Truck Booster SH 7P 175/1260
24,997.50 24,997.50 24997.5 AUD

22,725.00 22,725.00 Ex. GST

Hot²Go Stationary Pressure Washer
18,738.50 18,738.50 18738.5 AUD

17,035.00 17,035.00 Ex. GST

Pro Super Skid Hot Water Pressure Washer
18,342.50 18,342.50 18342.5 AUD

16,675.00 16,675.00 Ex. GST

Hot Water Pressure Series from Capital Equipment Hire

Blast away the stubborn grime and dirt with a highly effective hot pressure cleaner from Capital Equipment Hire. Hot water pressure washers can clean up to 80 degrees and have steam mode up to 100 degrees. Find a Nilfisk model that also has EcoMode and fuel-saving EcoPower for greater cleaning efficiency!

The hot water pressure cleaners for sale at Capital Equipment Hire are sourced from the reputable Nilfisk brand and are made for heavy-duty industrial applications. Suitable for blasting a range of heavy vehicle applications including tractors, trucks, drills, excavators and more, a hot water pressure washer is far more effective than other alternatives due to the higher temperatures, allowing more aggressive cleans. Save time and resources with the hot water pressure cleaners for sale.