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View the range oNilfisk cleaning equipment solutions for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. Nilfisk Australia has one of the largest product ranges in the industry and is known for its quality and performance. Unsure where to start? Speak to our friendly Sales Team today!

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Nilfisk GD930S2 Commercial Vacuum
1,149.50 1,149.50 1149.5 AUD

1,045.00 1,045.00 Ex. GST

Sabrina Carpet Shampoo & Spot Cleaner
1,958.00 1,958.00 1958.0 AUD

1,780.00 1,780.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk SC450 Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer
11,660.00 11,660.00 11660.0 AUD

10,600.00 10,600.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk SC2000 Ride-On Scrubber Dryer
17,528.50 17,528.50 17528.5 AUD

15,935.00 15,935.00 Ex. GST

MC 2C 120/520 XT Pressure Washer (with hose reel)
1,204.50 1,204.50 1204.5 AUD

1,095.00 1,095.00 Ex. GST

906 0605 010
Nilfisk GD5 240V Backpack Vacuum 5L
490.60 490.60 490.6 AUD

446.00 446.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk SC100 240V Compact Upright Scrubber Dryer for Narrow Areas
2,755.50 2,755.50 2755.5 AUD

2,505.00 2,505.00 Ex. GST

Bulk Buys Available
906 0903 010
VP300 Eco Commercial Vacuum
401.50 401.50 401.5 AUD

365.00 365.00 Ex. GST

Bulk Buys Available
VP300 HEPA Commercial Vacuum
473.00 473.00 473.0 AUD

430.00 430.00 Ex. GST

SW250 Walk-Behind Manual Sweeper
984.50 984.50 984.5 AUD

895.00 895.00 Ex. GST

908 4701 010PA
Nilfisk SW750 Walk-Behind Sweeper
5,412.00 5,412.00 5412.0 AUD

4,920.00 4,920.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk SC401 43B Scrubber Dryer
9,817.50 9,817.50 9817.5 AUD

8,925.00 8,925.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk cleaning machines from Capital Equipment Hire

Shop the range of Nilfisk floor cleaning machines from Capital Equipment Hire. Nilfisk Australia has one of the largest commercial and industrial product lines in the cleaning industry and is well respected for its quality, innovation and ease of use. Capital Equipment Hire has been a dealer of Nilfisk cleaning equipment since its inception in 2004 and maintains a strong relationship with the supplier to this day.

Top Nilfisk cleaning equipment models by category

Nilfisk has developed an outstanding reputation over their years of manufacturing with some stand-out models becoming customer favourites. 

  • BR855 Ride On Scrubber, battery powered with OneTouch control panel system for ease of use. Suitable for medium to large industrial environments.

  • SW750 Walk Behind Sweeper, battery powered with a single side broom for edge cleaning. Suitable for dusty warehouses and automotive workshops.

  • CS7010 Sweeper Scrubber, battery, LPG or diesel powered combination machine. Suitable for very large construction sites, warehouses and car parks.

  • MC 2C 120/520 XT Pressure Washer, electric cold water system with in-built hose wheel. Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

  • VP300 Vacuum Cleaner, available in ECO or HEPA filtration with a range of accessory attachments. Suitable for any commercial cleaning application.

  • ES4000 Ride On Carpet Extractor, battery powered with dry or wet carpet cleaning modes. Suitable for large carpeted areas. 

Nilfisk cleaning machines usually come with a 12 or 36 month commercial warranty to protect your investment. Contact one of Capital Equipment Hire’s sales representative to confirm the specific warranty for a certain Nilfisk model. 

Reliable after-sales support with parts and servicing

Capital Equipment Hire recognises every cleaning equipment purchase is an investment that requires routine support in the form of spare parts, corrective repairs and preventative services. Every Nilfisk floor cleaning machine will have genuine replacement part stock available for purchase through Capital Equipment’s online shop, ensuring the equipment keeps operating to its maximum performance.

There are also a series of Service Plans available for customers to sign up for depending on their budget, equipment type and machine usage. This ensures the stress of machine maintenance and care stays with Capital Equipment Hire and not the customer!

If you have purchased your Nilfisk cleaning machin from another provider, don’t worry! We are still available to assist you with the purchase of spare parts and service support.

Flexible purchasing options

Capital Equipment Hire operates an in-house delivery team to ensure cleaning equipment is delivered to the customers’ site in a timely and safe manner. For customers wishing to save on capital outlay, Capital Equipment’s hire agreements are the perfect choice to consider. Customers can choose between daily, weekly, monthly or yearly terms depending on their requirements. There are also Zip, in-store or remote payment methods available to process transactions.

Clean better with Nilfisk cleaning machines

Clean faster, greener and better with Nilfisk cleaning equipment from Capital Equipment Hire. Contact our friendly Sales Team to enquire about machine demonstrations or visits to the Wetherill Park showroom!