Industrial Sweeper-Scrubbers

For the most demanding cleaning environments, a sweeper-scrubber does the sweeping, scrubbing and drying all in one pass.

Choosing The Right Sweeper-Scrubber Machine

Sweeper-scrubber machines are a complete cleaning solution for customers as they sweep, scrub and dry the floor in one pass. They are efficient, productive and remove the labour intensity for operators. The most important consideration when choosing this machine is the power type, brush type, and cleaning path size. View our most popular sweeper scrubber types below.
Cylindrical Scrubber-Sweepers

Designed for uneven surfaces, cylindrical are heavy-duty scrubbers with sweeping capacity for low to medium debris.

Triple Disk Sweeper-Scrubbers

Designed for high dust and high grime areas, triple disk sweeper scrubbers provide the widest cleaning path.

Ride-On Sweeper-Scrubbers

Achieve productive and safer cleans with a ride-on sweeper scrubber machine. Designed for medium to large areas.

What is the difference between a cylindrical and triple disk sweeper scrubber?

A cylindrical sweeper-scrubber features a cylindrical scrubbing brush whereas a triple disk features three disk scrub brushes. 

Cylindrical is advantageous for areas with uneven/sloping surfaces and minimal debris volume whereas triple disk is advantageous for flat, textured surfaces. Your Sales Representative can provide more guidance on which brush type is best for your area.

Should I use a Battery, LPG or Diesel powered sweeper-scrubber?

The cleaning performance is the same regardless of which power type you use. There are a few distinct features to know about when considering power types for your application:

  • Battery has lower emissions and quieter operation.

  • LPG requires replenishment of gas tanks.

  • Diesel is suitable for outdoor or well-ventilated environments due to fume emissions.

Should I rent or purchase a sweeper scrubber?

Sweeper-scrubbers are typically a higher capital investment, renting instead of purchasing is an attractive alternative for many customers for the following reasons:

  • less capital outlay

  • efficient for seasonal/project cleaning

  • easier cashflow planning

  • speedy access to relief equipment

  • protection from inflation

  • inclusive of maintenance (for long-term hire)

  • consumable replacement part costs are included (for casual hire)

  • stronger relationship with your cleaning equipment partner. 

To find out more visit our sweeper-scrubber hire page.

Nilfisk CS7010 Combination Sweeper-Scrubber Warehouse Cleaning
Industrial Warehouses

Sweeper-Scrubbers for maintenance of high-traffic storage & dispatch areas.

Nilfisk CS7010 Combination Sweeper-Scrubber Cleaning Waste Facility
Waste Quarries

Sweeper-Scrubbers for the waste industry cleaning thick debris & grime.

Tennant M30 Sweeper-Scrubber Dryer Cleaning Construction Site

Sweeper-Scrubbers for maintenance of work site dust & grime.

CS7010 Internal Mechanics Illustration
Brickyards & Mines

Sweeper-Scrubbers for dust control in hazardous environments.


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