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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

View the range of industrial vacuum cleaners for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. Safely isolate, collect, store and dispose of debris in your facility. Unsure where to start? Speak to our friendly Sales Team to organise a site inspection! Also read our helpful vacuum articles.

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KVAC10L Wet & Dry Vacuum
687.50 687.50 687.5 AUD

625.00 625.00 Ex. GST

KVAC27PE Wet & Dry Vacuum
1,034.00 1,034.00 1034.0 AUD

940.00 940.00 Ex. GST

KVAC59PE Twin-Motor Wet & Dry Pump-Out Vacuum 90L
3,938.00 3,938.00 3938.0 AUD

3,580.00 3,580.00 Ex. GST

KVAC59PE 2 Motor Wet & Dry Vacuum 90L
1,941.50 1,941.50 1941.5 AUD

1,765.00 1,765.00 Ex. GST

Attix 761-21XC Industrial Vacuum with Accessories
3,410.00 3,410.00 3410.0 AUD

3,100.00 3,100.00 Ex. GST

Kerrick KVAC60PE 3 Motor Wet & Dry Vacuum
2,557.50 2,557.50 2557.5 AUD

2,325.00 2,325.00 Ex. GST

Kerrick SkyVac - Industrial 85 Wet & Dry Gutter Vacuum
7,733.00 7,733.00 7733.0 AUD

7,030.00 7,030.00 Ex. GST

Kerrick VH Jumbo Triple Motor Wet & Dry Vacuum
4,367.00 4,367.00 4367.0 AUD

3,970.00 3,970.00 Ex. GST

VHO200CB X Oil/Swarf Vacuum (Wineries)
9,058.50 9,058.50 9058.5 AUD

8,235.00 8,235.00 Ex. GST

T40W L100 Three Phase Industrial Vacuum
10,164.00 10,164.00 10164.0 AUD

9,240.00 9,240.00 Ex. GST

VHS110 Z22 EXA HEPA Vacuum Cleaner (Absolute Upstream)
9,795.50 9,795.50 9795.5 AUD

8,905.00 8,905.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk VHS 42 40L Wet & Dry Vacuum H Class
2,799.50 2,799.50 2799.5 AUD

2,545.00 2,545.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk VHS 42 30L Wet & Dry Vacuum
1,573.00 1,573.00 1573.0 AUD

1,430.00 1,430.00 Ex. GST

T22 CFM L100 Three Phase Industrial Vacuum
7,799.00 7,799.00 7799.0 AUD

7,090.00 7,090.00 Ex. GST

T40W Plus L100 ATEX Explosive Dust Safety Vacuum
24,717.00 24,717.00 24717.0 AUD

22,470.00 22,470.00 Ex. GST

T40W L100 IC Three Phase Industrial Vacuum
15,312.00 15,312.00 15312.0 AUD

13,920.00 13,920.00 Ex. GST

Capital Equipment Hire's Industrial Vacuum Range

Below are some of our most popular industrial vacuums available that can be purchase online through our e-shop, or can be quoted up for B2B orders.

Our industrial vacuums have been shortlisted into three main categories:

  • H-Class

  • M-Class

  • L-Class

These reflect the different filtration systems the listed vacuums use to effectively collect these dust types. For our customer's convenience, we have a specialised sales team that can be relied on to provide expert advice and recommendations to suit your facilities' specific vacuum needs.

For those customers confident about their choice, they can easily buy online and qualify for free shipping for overs over $200. For those customers needing a bit more support in their decision-making process, easily set up a consultation with our sales team who can organise on-site demonstrations or customised quotes to suit your needs.  We can also help set-up DOP testing through our external partner that specialises in these sort of compliance measures. We also offer ZipBiz orders to allow flexible payment options. 

Don't waste anymore time trying to determine the right solution for your site. Simply call us and we will be able to provide customised solutions specific to your needs! If you are after industrial vacuum cleaner replacement parts, click on the model you are trying to buy parts for, and select the 'View All' replacement part shop page to show spare products specific to that model. If you don't see the parts you are after, contact our parts team who will be able to check with our manufacturer to get this part on our website straight away. 

Alternatively, we also provide product information resources such as service manuals and part lists to help customers familiarise themselves with their product. If there is a problem with your vacuum, raise a HelpDesk ticket on our Support Page so we can organise a repair or routine service. Our Field Service Technicians can undertake repairs onsite or at our Wetherill Park Workshop.