Tips For Renting A Commercial Scrubber For The First Time
6 December, 2022 by
Tips For Renting A Commercial Scrubber For The First Time
Capital Equipment Hire, Emma Dimech

Renting a Commercial Scrubber For The First Time? Tips To Get You Started.

Floor scrubber for hire services exist to allow people the opportunity to take advantage of a more convenient and powerful way of cleaning on a needs-only basis. This service is available both for contract cleaners and domestic clients seeking to achieve a deep clean not possible with conventional methods. Whether it is bathroom cleaning, refreshing textured floors or getting a home ready for entertaining, floor scrubber dryer hire is a great option.

But if you have never used equipment like this before then there are a few handy things to know to ensure you achieve the amazing results you are seeking.

1. Provide As Much Detail As Possible When Requesting A Quote

When you reach out to a commercial cleaning equipment provider it is their responsibility to recommend the most suitable equipment for the job. To do this more accurately, clients need to describe their needs in as much detail as possible to ensure the right floor scrubber and pads/accessories are chosen. Having the following details ready when quoting is very helpful:

  • Floor area size in square metres

  • Photos of the area

  • Floor material type (e.g tiles, protected vinyl, timbre etc)

  • Your purpose for renting (e.g to clean grout, complete a general clean, etc).

This will ensure from the very start the right equipment is chosen to achieve your cleaning objective.

2. Prepare The Area To Prevent Delays

To get the ‘best bang for buck’, you want to make sure your area is prepped for cleaning with as minimal disruptions as possible. Lift curtains up, move unfixed objects such as chairs, ottomans or pots to give yourself as much square meterage as possible.

3. Vacuum Or Sweep Before You Start Scrubbing

Clear away any loose debris, dirt or dust from the floors to achieve a better clean with your rented scrubber by preventing streaks on the floor or mud creation as water is applied. A common misconception is floor scrubbers can be used for sucking dry debris but this is not the case; using a vacuum cleaner, broom or sweeper are the only equipment suitable for this.

4. Get The Dosage Right

Try to be careful how much cleaning solution you add to the tank to prevent sticky and streaky floors. It will also prevent the floors becoming dangerously slippery when operating the walk-behind scrubber. Try to clean in natural sunlight to provide a better indication of streaks. Read the packaging and recommended dosage for more information.

5. Wear Clean Sandals or Slides When Operating

Use a pair of clean/indoor sandals when operating the equipment. It can be an uncomfortable experience cleaning barefoot and can be a slipping hazard depending on the cleaning chemical dosage and floor material. Be cautious of slipping by testing the grip of your shoes before cleaning.

6. Avoid Water Sitting Along Skirting Boards

Try to avoid cleaning too close to the skirting boards as water damage could occur, particularly if the skirting boards are wooden. If you are choosing to double scrub, avoid the border and keep an old rag or towel close by to absorb excess water. If you are scrubbing and collecting the water at the same time, the skirting boards should be fine to clean at closer proximity.

7. Try A Spot Test In An Inconspicuous Area

It is so important to prevent damage to your floors during the cleaning process, so we always encourage you to begin the cleaning process in an inconspicuous area such as a laundry to familiarize yourself with the floor scrubber before continuing to the remaining areas. Although it is highly unlikely damage will occur, it is always advisable to be cautious especially if it is your first time trialling an auto scrubber. 

Your cleaning representative will always try to suggest the most suitable option but at times a different scrub brush or pad might be required. If you are unsure, it might be best to take a couple of brush or pad options with you to experiment.

8. Let The Water and Cleaning Chemical Mix Rest On The Floor

Everything gets better with time, including cleaning results! If time allows, apply a cleaning chemical and water mix to the floor and let it rest for at least 10 minutes. You can apply the water via your floor scrubber or by spraying it with a separate bottle. Floors need time to react with the cleaning solution to get a better cleaning result from it.

9. If In Doubt, Consult The Operator Manual

If something doesn’t seem right when using the equipment, consult the operator manual provided to you at the time of collecting the equipment. A number of troubleshooting steps are included and some demonstration videos can be found on our YouTube Channel. If you are still having troubles or have a question, speak to your sales representative.

Remember One Thing - Scrubbers Are Not Magic Machines!

Sometimes the expectations on commercial cleaning equipment are high and can leave clients disappointed if the results are not what they are expecting. Half the challenge is ensuring the equipment is operated in the most optimal way and the right equipment is chosen during the quoting process. Vacuuming before, letting the water rest and mixing the right dosage all impact the overall performance, and do not directly relate to the cleaning machine! 

Some more detailed scrubber tips are available here for further guidance and assistance, otherwise please reach out to our team who would be more than happy to assist!