Your Cleaning Crew has Arrived: Introducing the i-mop series

A better way to mop your floors

The i-mop is where the power of an industrial scrubber machine meets the size and maneuverability of a traditional mop. In today's climate, contract cleaners, business owners and facility/operation managers need a cleaning solution that doesn't compromise on time and promises hygienic, sanitised and spotless floors.

The i-mop integrates powerful scrubbing technologies found in larger walk-behind scrubbers/ride-on scrubber models all while remaining a practical size to allow easy operation and transport from site to site. 

The i-mop is built to clean in narrow and hard-to-reach areas, be mobile and compact, and be easily operated by anyone, just like a traditional mop.

Faster, cleaner, greener, safer, better icons

i-mop product features #1 - 360 degree steering, lithium ion batteries & foldable scrub deck

Innovative Design

i-mop product features #2 - squeegee, angle cut-off switch, counter rotating scrub brushes

Deep Clean Capacity

i-mop product features #3 - 350 RPM motor, durable scrub deck and 22.5kg scrub pressure

Productive & Efficient

Scale your clean: choose the right i-mop model

i-mop Lite front and side profile

i-mop Lite

The first in the line of revolutionary i-mop models.

 370mm scrub width
 45 minute run-time
 700-1000 sqm/h
 13 kg scrub pressure


i-mop XL front and side profile

i-mop XL

Providing a bit more clean power & coverage.

 460mm scrub width
 60 minute run-time
 1000-1300 sqm/h
 22.5 kg scrub pressure


i-mop XXL front and side profile

i-mop XXL

For more heavy duty cleaning tasks.

 620mm scrub width
 60 minute run-time
 1200-1800 sqm/h
 32 kg scrub pressure


Basic, Plus or Pro?

The i-mop XL and XXL models are available in three unique versions to help match your specific cleaning requirements.

i-mop Basic, Plus or Pro upgrade options


Includes the standard i-mop features to get the best clean including floating ball system, battery safety guard, control panel & splash guards.


Added features including electronic switch sensor to prevent motor damage & timer display to record i-mop lifetime running hours.


Includes the electronic switch & timer display & scrub deck coating to protect the i-mop against salt and chloride damage. 

Read more about the different i-mop upgrades here.

i-store case accessory

i-store case accessory


i-mop brushes accessories

i-mop brush accessories 


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