Fimap FS800B Battery Powered Ride-On Sweeper

Fimap FS800B Battery Powered Ride-On Sweeper completed with batteries, onboard charger, amber beacon, and brooms.

Price on Application
Product Description

Fimap's FS800B model is user-friendly, comfortable and ergonomic, productive, and offers cost effective sweeping. Standard with dual side brooms and upgraded pocket dust control filter makes this excellent value and the ideal choice for medium to large warehouse areas. 

  • High seating position and narrow steering column for enhanced visibility

  • Intuitive, straight-forward controls for ease of operation

  • Dual side brooms as standard for improved productivity

  • Self-adjusting main broom for consistent surface contact and cleaning performance

  • Central and side brooms are easily accessed and removed without the need for tools

  • 24 month warranty

Simple Operation
Simple Operation

Ergonomic steering wheel with rotating grip knob, and simple user interface makes operation quick, simple, and struggle-free. Any operator can enjoy a minimsed learning curve.

Easy Access
Easy Access

All the vital components of the machine are quicky and easily accessed for routine maintenance and checks. Also significantly reduces required machine service times.

No Fuss Replacement
No Fuss Replacement

The main and side broom on the FS800 are easily accessed and removed without requiring tools leading to greatly reduced downtimes as a result of replacement.

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123.50 +GST 123.5 AUD


39.84 +GST 39.84 AUD


19.70 +GST 19.7 AUD


5.70 +GST 5.7 AUD


15.65 +GST 15.65 AUD


57.67 +GST 57.67 AUD


30.49 +GST 30.49 AUD


1,174.81 +GST 1174.81 AUD


25.00 +GST 25.0 AUD


213.00 +GST 213.0 AUD


224.85 +GST 224.85 AUD


78.64 +GST 78.64 AUD