Fimap Broom Sweeper

Fimap Broom battery powered sweeper complete with brooms, lithium-ion battery and charger

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Fimap Broom Sweeper
Product Description

The new Fimap Broom is a modern alternative to the traditional broom, without the need of bending down or using a dustpan. The Broom is lithium-ion battery powered with a main broom, dual side brooms and self loading hopper that makes sweeping quick and easy.

  • Self loading debris hopper for quick and clean disposal

  • Telescopic handle for height adjustment

  • Flexible handle joint to clean in any direction

  • Compact design for cleaning under furnitures and accessing tight areas

  • Lithium-Ion battery for superior power, lifetime, and recharge time

  • 12 months warranty

Low Profile Design
Low Profile Design

Clean under furniture and reach areas where you never thought possible. Dual side brooms mean it is ideal for edge cleaning and in corners. It's versatile and able to clean many floor types, with self-adjusting brooms to adapt to uneven floors.

Ergonomic, Lightweight and Robust
Ergonomic, Lightweight and Robust

New cordless design power offers the same task readiness and handiness of a traditional broom with far superior cleaning performance. No more bending or struggling with a dust pan to pick up collected debris thanks to the debris catch tray which is easily emptied after use.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Machine is easily taken apart for cleaning as necessary or replacement of parts over time. Telescopic handle with flexible joint ensures comfortable and easy operation in any direction for any user.

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