Fimap Fimop Compact Battery Scrubber Dryer

Fimap Fimop compact battery powered scrubber dryer complete with brush, lithium ion battery pack and charger.

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Fimap Fimop Compact Battery Scrubber Dryer
Product Description

The mop and bucket method is one of the oldest and most widely utilised. However, it leaves behind a wet floor posing a health risk and its not long before the water bucket is contaminated. Leaving you cleaning the floor with dirty water. Fimap has introduced the Fimop to solve these very problems. With all the basic characteristics of the humble mop, but some added upgrades, the operator can enjoy highly improved cleaning results with an easy and pleasant to use alternative.

  • Ball joint extendable handle for machine direction with only wrist movement

  • Simple and easy clean water solution fill and contained dirty water disposal

  • Ability to clean under tables and chairs

  • Optional fast charger for quick re-use

  • Li-ion battery pack

  • 12 months commercial warranty

Lithium-ion Technology
Lithium-ion Technology

Recharge several times a day with quick charger with no memory effect, just like your mobile phone. Low running and maintenance costs, and the ideal choice over a mop. No more wet floors and dirty water.

Highly Maneuverable
Highly Maneuverable

The adjustable control handle is fitted with an universal joint to allow cleaning in all directions, allowing you to have full control when cleaning in congested areas and cleaning along walls to the corners with little effort.

Scrub & Dry, Clean Start to Finish
Scrub & Dry, Clean Start to Finish

The vacuum & squeegee system ensures that the floor is left dry, with all dirty water collected and contained unlike a mop. Compact & low height design for maximum floor coverage, clean in narrow areas or under tables or chairs with ease.

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