Fimap Genie Xs Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

Fimap GENIE XS Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer complete with scrub brush, lithium ion battery and charger.

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Fimap Genie Xs Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

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Product Description

Fimap's Genie XS offers simple and effective cleaning on demand with the ability to scrub and dry in a single pass. The unique rotating scrub and squeegee head provides cleaning in all directions ensuring a consistent, easily achieved high quality clean.

  • Robust, light weight aluminium chassis

  • Collapsible handle for greater access and total portability

  • Lithium-ion battery technology for powerful scrubbing action with fast re-charging

  • Contained water capture for easy, mess-free disposal

  • 12 months warranty

Forward and Reverse Cleaning
Forward and Reverse Cleaning

Innovative scrubbing head is equipped with a parabolic squeegee which continuously follows the direction of the machine, resulting in perfect scrubbing and drying results in any direction.

Powerful and Always Ready
Powerful and Always Ready

Thanks to the lithium ion battery, it is ideal to perform many, short and targeted cleaning tasks during the same day. Optional fast charger affords the ability to recharge several times a day.

Ergonomic Controls
Ergonomic Controls

Designed to adapt to the operator for total comfort and safety. Controls are simple, intuitive and located on steering wheel, ensuring total control of machine and the cleaning process.

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