Nilfisk VHS42 L40 MC IC

Nilfisk VHS42 40L M-Class Wet & Dry Industrial Safety Vacuum complete with filter, stainless steel extension tube, stainless steel curved hand tube, anti-static suction hose, floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, anti-static tool adapter, hose/cable hook, and flexible box strap.

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Nilfisk VHS42 L40 MC IC
Product Description

Nilfisk's VHS 42 is a superior performing dust extractor for the industrial and construction industries. Its InfiniClean and PushClean filter cleaner systems ensure maximised efficiency and astounding dust capture.

  • Automatic InfiniClean filter cleaner on 40L models

  • Auto start/stop connection for power tools

  • SoftStart fuse protection system

  • Speed control

  • Sealed dust system

  • Flow sensor with LED warning beeper on HC model

  • Filter sensor with LED warning on MC model

  • Anti-static vacuum

  • Onboard accessory and cable storage

  • HEPA filter included for H class, optional for other models

  • One year commercial warranty

Filter Access Hatch
Filter Access Hatch

When working with high dust levels, it is imperative the vacuum's filter is cleaned on a consistent basis. The filter is easily accessed and removed, and can be washed trouble-free and quickly replaced

Safety Through Superior Filtration
Safety Through Superior Filtration

Multiple filtration options ensure no dust or microscopic particulates are released into the cleaning environment and causing serious health concerns.

Compact Design
Compact Design

The compact design and convenient on-board storage of the VHS series ensures vacs can be easily transported and used in high-traffic areas without concern.

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