Fimap Magna Plus Disk Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

Fimap Magna Plus Disk Ride-On Scrubber Dryer complete with brushes, squeegee blades, batteries and on-board charger.

Price on Application
Product Description

Engineered for the most demanding environments, Fimap introduces the Magna Plus. The industry-leading technology provided by Fimap's ID system awards the operator with a stand-out user experience while simultaneously reducing consumption, optimising cleaning imes, and lowering the overall cost

  • ID-Intelligent Drive touch screen system with inbuilt video tutorials for ease of use by any operator

  • Cruise control, electronic stability control, descent control, and automatically engaging electro brake when parked

  • Fully customisable cleaning settings, and customisable zone settings

  • High productivity and autonomy due to large capacity tanks

  • Up to 150kg scrubbing pressure for superior results

  • Industry-leading ergonomic design

  • Heavy duty aluminium frame for longevity, with lightweight benefit of increased efficiency

  • Strong corrosion and impact resistant polyethylene tanks and body panels for robustness

  • 24 months warranty
    Conquest Equipment. Conquest Cleaning Equipment. Conquest Magna. Conquest Magna Plus.


Low set deck design allows the user to comfortably and easily access the operator's compartment. Here they can enjoy superior comfort and operating position leading to less fatigue and improved results. Steering wheel paddles are easily reached to engage reverse with camera, and power mode. Conquest Magna. Conquest Magna Plus.

Optimised Safety
Optimised Safety

LED safety front and rear running lights and amber beacon as standard provide unrivalled safety. Any occupants of the cleaning environment are easily alerted to the machine's presence; reducing OH&S risks and contributing to workplace safety. Conquest Magna. Conquest Magna Plus.

Enhanced Capability
Enhanced Capability

Optional wash hose kit provides the ability to quickly wash out the recovery tank, as well as prewet surfaces for improved results. Vacuum wand is neatly stored, and affords the ability to collect water from tight spaces the machine may not be able to access. Conquest Magna. Conquest Magna Plus.

ID - Intelligent Drive System
ID - Intelligent Drive System

Touch-screen ID operating system provides unrivalled cleaning customisation for the best cleaning results in any environment. Automatic initiation in ECO mode for highly efficient general cleaning, with the ability to toggle cleaning settings and save as customisable zones. On-board video tutorials slash the learning curve for any new operator. Conquest Magna. Conquest Magna Plus.


Brushless motors utilised throughout the machine provide significant enhancements in machine reliability and longevity, while greatly reducing servicing requirements. Hydraulic drum brakes quickly stop the machine, and are also self-adjusting guaranteeing the best performance. The user can take comfort in knowing the braking system is always operating at its best. Conquest Magna. Conquest Magna Plus.

Edge Cleaning
Edge Cleaning

Side scrubbing brush can be engaged for use right along walls and edges, in clear view of the operator. Roller castor wheels set on the side brush scrub deck reduce the risk of machine and facility damage, while also acting as a guide for the operator. The end result is a cleaning environment with superior results all the way to the edges. Conquest Magna. Conquest Magna Plus.

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