Nilfisk VHS 110 Z22 Exa Vacuum

Nilfisk VHS 110 Z22 complete with L class star filter, 50mm atex accessory kit, and 50mm connection tube.

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Nilfisk VHS 110 Z22 Exa Vacuum
Product Description

For situations where potentially explosive dusts are present, Nilfisk has provided the VHS 110 Z22. With L-class filtration as standard and optional absolute upstream filtration offering performance up to ULPA15, this specialised vacuum will ensure any major potential explosive risks are mitigated.

  • Third party certified for Z22 'Ex' areas where potentially explosive dusts such as flour or sugar are present.

  • Compact size

  • PullClean filter cleaning system

  • Wide range of anti-static accessories available

  • Stainless steel container

  • IP protection class 65

  • Eligible for three years warranty

Better Performance For Longer
Better Performance For Longer

PullClean affords the ability for the operator to clean the filter without ceasing function of and opening the machine. Easily and quickly performed, the filter can be kept performing at its best for longer.

Maximum Productivity
Maximum Productivity

With an easily inspected and understood vacuometer, the operator is able to always monitor the vacuum's performance. Simple adjustments and actions can be carried out to ensure maximum productivity as guided by the machine.

Optimised Safety
Optimised Safety

The HEPA14/ULP15 upstream filter is one of the best options for ensuring the complete collection of fine dusts by offering multiple high-class layers of filtration.

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