Nilfisk GD5B 36V Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum

Nilfisk GD5B battery powered backpack vacuum complete with 36V lithium battery, fast charger and accessories

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Nilfisk GD5B 36V Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum
Product Description

Nilfisk's GD5B lithium battery provides the freedom of cleaning with the restriction of a power cord. The ergonomically compact design lets you works with ease and effectively contains dust and the ideal choice when space is limited.

  • Ergonomic design and cordless power provides safe cleaning without restriction of power cords

  • Up to 60 minutes of continuous run time from the 36V lithium battery

  • 40 minute fast charger included

  • Boost function provides extra performance for heavy cleaning when required 

  • Optional HEPA filtration if required

  • Low operating noise for those noise sensitive areas

  • 12 months commercial warranty

Ergonomic Emphasis
Ergonomic Emphasis

Utility belt harness straps around the waist extremely comfortably to support the vacuum, while also holding any attachments the operator may require, with the power button conveniently located at the hip.

Fast Recharge
Fast Recharge

Lithium battery weighs less than 4 kilograms and is easily removed to be recharged in 40 minutes ensuring minimal down time.

HEPA Clean
HEPA Clean

HEPA version of the GD5 improves the air quality of the cleaning environment by ensuring an extremely high quality filtration.

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