Nilfisk SC6500 Ride-On Scrubber Dryer - Cylindrical

Nilfisk 6500 battery powered ride-on cylindrical scrubber dryer complete with batteries, charger, strobe light, squeegee kits, polypropylene brushes and side broom.
*Image displayed includes optional dual side brooms and bumper bar - not included as standard.

Price on Application
Product Description

The Nilfisk SC6500 cylindrical scrubber dryer offers the best cleaning and drying in its class. Extremely large capacity 265L tanks, high working speed, and powerful 36V battery system result in a productivity level that others struggle to compete with.

  • High quality low-noise AC drive motor with improved traction wheels and working speed

  • OneTouch operation, separate operator and super user keys

  • Available in two working widths to ensure you find the perfect fit

  • Adjustable scrubbing pressure up to 90kg

  • Better control and ergonomics with reduced steering effort and improved tilt steering mechanism

  • Eligible for three years warranty

Operator Friendly
Operator Friendly

Carefully laid out control panel with easy to understand buttons and LED display, featuring Nilfisk's OneTouch operation lead to a greatly reduced learning curve for new operators as well as ongoing easy use.


Optional EcoFlex system with easily accessed refillable cartridge mixes detergent with the machine's solution via an adjustable pre-set ratio ensuring you get the most from your cleaning chemical. The result of this is less wastage, a lower total cost of ownership, and maximum friendliness towards the environment.

Automatic Shut-Off
Automatic Shut-Off

Float cage system fitted to recovery tank ensures there is never any risk of overflow and negates the risk of water damage to the vacuum motor. The operator is alerted once the recovery tank has been filled so that they are able to empty it and continue working.

Enhanced Ergonomics
Enhanced Ergonomics

Adjustable seat and tilt system fitted to the steering column ensures the operator can sit comfortably with the steering wheel adjusted appropriately for ease of control, and the seating position at the front of the machine ensures fantastic visibility for the operator. Both also greatly reduce operator fatigue.

Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

Recovery tank lifts off the back of the machine to allow for simple battery access. Highlighted yellow touch points for common machine adjustments and routine maintenance require no tools and ensure easy work for the operator.

Tough and Rugged
Tough and Rugged

Steel chassis and corrosion, dent, and crack resistant polypropylene tanks ensure the SC6500 can endure harsh environments and any accidental collisions. Squeegee system fitted with break-away feature to minimise damage sustained due to impact.

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