Nilfisk SR1000S Battery Ride-On Sweeper

Nilfisk SR1000S Sweeper complete with polypropylene main broom, two nylon side brooms, filter, on board charger and batteries.

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Nilfisk SR1000S Battery Ride-On Sweeper
Product Description

Fast, efficient, nimble, and quiet, the Nilfisk SR1000 ensures productive sweeping even in the highest traffic and most congested areas. Small enough to fit and turn in an elevator, any operator can have confidence they'll be able to get the job done no matter the spacial limits of the cleaning environment.

  • Dual side brooms

  • Adjustable steering and seat

  • Electric filter shaker

  • Hopper with wheels and handle

  • Park brake

  • Non-marking traction wheels

  • Carpet kit for carpet sweeping

  • Wet sweep by-pass

  • One year commercial warranty

Easily Adjustable
Easily Adjustable

Steering column and seat are easily adjusted for ease of access to the machine and increased comfort reducing operator fatigue. Upright seating position grants comfortable and ergonomic operation.

Intuitive Operation
Intuitive Operation

The control panel has been designed to be as operator friendly as possible, with intuitive operation to significantly reduce any learning curve. Steering wheel design also ensures it is easy to perform tight manoeuvres.

Excellent Productivity
Excellent Productivity

Dual side brooms as standard, side castor wheels, and high operator position result in the ability to clean right along walls with a greatly reduced risk of damage to machine or premises. These side brooms also provide the added benefit of a larger cleaning path to maximise the productivity of a single pass.

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