Nilfisk SC2000 Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk SC2000 Scrubber Dryer complete with batteries, on-board charger, prolene disk brush, pad holder, and separate user keys.

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Nilfisk SC2000 Ride-On Scrubber Dryer
Product Description

The SC2000 micro ride-on scrubber dryer offers a cleaning solution with higher productivity than a walk-behind model, the reduced operator fatigue and higher working speed increases productivity whilst lowering overall ownership costs.

  • High speed and large 70L tanks ensure high productivity

  • Speed dependent solution flow for a consistent, efficient and environmentally friendly clean

  • Automatic deck and squeegee raise and lower with OneTouch scrubbing button

  • Brush and pad holder easily removed and installed with press of a button

  • EcoFlex detergent dosing system available with fully optioned spec.

  • One year warranty

Operator Interface - User friendly
Operator Interface - User friendly

Extremely user friendly and easy to learn control interface, with simple OneTouch scrubbing operation and intuitive display. Paddle handles located just behind the steering wheel allow for quick and easy engagement of reverse and heavy-duty power function.

Fully Optioned
Fully Optioned

Available in fully optioned version allowing you to be prepared for any task no matter how great or small.

Debris Tray
Debris Tray

Cleverly engineered removable tray traps debris picked up from the floor allowing for easy disposal and cleaning while protecting the smooth function of your machine.

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