Hire of Fimap iMx50B Base CB Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

Fimap iMx50B Base CB Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer available for casual or long-term hire.

Price on Application
Product Description

Ideal for contract cleaning, clubs, supermarkets, hospitals, and leisure centres the iMx50Bt scrubber offers a fantastic cleaning solution for an even better price. Featuring eco mode for quiet daytime cleaning, simple operation, and easy straight-forward maintenance, no operator will struggle with fully utilising the machine for superb cleaning results every time.

  • Highly manoeuvrable for easy cleaning and operator fatigue reduction

  • Strong polyethylene tanks for machine longevity and impact protection

  • High working autonomy, up to three hours

  • Far above average capability and results for price point

Long-term hire agreements are available from as little as $12 per day.

Increased Cleaning Performance
Increased Cleaning Performance

Compact design of the new iMx50B ensures excellent visibility with high manoeuvrability. The offset brush deck and castor roller allows edge cleaning with ease and no risk of machine or facility damage.

Quality Durable Construction
Quality Durable Construction

Aluminium chassis, polyehylene tanks and other quality components result in greater resistance to impacts. Treated chassis and tanks result in corrosion resistance making this the choice for reduced operating costs and challenging environments.

Simplified Operation
Simplified Operation

Operator interface designed for ease of use with all scrubbing functions able to be activated with a single button. Standard with Eco mode to increase productivity and reduce noise output to allow for daytime cleaning in any environment. 

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