i-mop XXL Basic

i-team Global i-mop XXL Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer complete with dual scrub brushes*.
*PLEASE NOTE: Batteries and Charger are NOT included and must be purchased separately.

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i-mop XXL Basic
Product Description

Designed to be the perfect blend of a mop and industrial scrubber, the I-MOP cleans faster, smarter, and in areas, scrubbers haven't gone before. 10 times faster than conventional mopping methods, 22kg of scrubbing pressure for standout results, and i-power 9 interchangeable batteries providing 24/7 cleaning ability. Step up your game with the I-MOP from i-team Global.

  • First and ONLY of its kind

  • 60-minute run time

  • High-speed twin-brush scrubbing providing 620mm cleaning path

  • Sucks water up as it scrubs leaving floors dry immediately

  • Easily transported in the boot of a car

  • 12 Months Warranty

    Click here to view the difference between the Basic, Plus and Pro i-mop models.

*PLEASE NOTE: Batteries and Charger are not included and must be purchased separately.

 Standard Batteries (RightLeft)    

 High Capacity Batteries (RightLeft)

 Standard Charger 

 Fast Charger

Highly Manoeuvrable
Highly Manoeuvrable

Thanks to its revolutionary design, the imop boasts incredible maneuverability. It's tight turn radius allows effective movement around tight corners, cleaning in forward and reverse, and scrubber access where no other can reach.

24/7 Runtime
24/7 Runtime

An impressive 60 minutes runtime per full charge and non-stop operation thanks to the easily interchangeable lithium batteries. Remove the depleted batteries and place them on charge, while a fresh set keeps you powering through the task.

Travel Anywhere
Travel Anywhere

At just 21.5kg and a folding design, the imop can be taken anywhere. Fits in most cars when folded at a length of only 124cm, and the easily removable battery pack and brushes.

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