Nilfisk GD5 240V Backpack Vacuum

Nilfisk GD5 240v backpack vacuum complete with hose, combination nozzle, and telescopic tube.

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Nilfisk GD5 240V Backpack Vacuum

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Product Description

Nilfisk GD5 240 volt powered backpack vacuum offers great value. It's light weight, operates at a low noise level, and consistently demonstrates excellent performance making it the choice of contract cleaners worldwide.

  • User friendly and ergonomic design for flexible cleaning

  • 15 metre power cord

  • Good filtration with optional HEPA filtration

  • Suitable for both right or left handed operators

  • 12 months commercial warranty

Ergonomic Emphasis
Ergonomic Emphasis

Utility belt harness straps around the waist extremely comfortably to support the vacuum, while also holding any attachments the operator may require. The power button is also conveniently located at the hip, with the power cord able to be neatly coiled at the side.

Simple Disposal
Simple Disposal

Dustbag is easily contained and removed mess-free for emptying and disposal.

HEPA Clean
HEPA Clean

HEPA optioned version of the GD5 improves the air quality of the cleaning environment by ensuring an extremely high quality filtration.

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