Nilfisk SC8000 Industrial Scrubber-Sweeper

Nilfisk SC8000 Industrial Scrubber Sweeper Dryer complete with Prolene Cylindrical Brushes, Squeegee Kits, Safety Amber Beacon, Reverse Alarm, and dual front sweeping brushes with DustGuard misting system.

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Product Description

The SC8000 offers the most heavy duty clean of the line up and optimising productivity and efficiency with its 380L tanks, wide scrubbing path, and ability to sweep and scrub in one pass.

  • Widest counter rotating dual cylindrical scrub deck in its class to increase efficiency

  • Time saving high volume tanks

  • Safe and easy operation with OneTouch control panel

  • Environmentally friendly for both operator and surroundings with DustGuard misting system for dust free cleaning

  • Optional EcoFlex optimises the use of solution for operator friendliness and increases in efficiency and environmental friendliness

  • Eligible for three year warranty

Easy Operation
Easy Operation

Clearly laid out highly intuitive operator interface with OneTouch scrubbing ensures machine operation for any operator is easy with a minimal learning curve.

Productivity Increases
Productivity Increases

One pass sweeping and scrubbing maximises productivity. The SC8000's 42 litre hopper ensures the capture of any debris, which is easily removed by sliding out from under the machine to empty and clean.

Ultimate in Safety
Ultimate in Safety

Headlights, safety amber beacon, and reversing alarm are all fitted as standard, with rear brake signals also available, to ensure that no matter what environment the machine is in, the operator has full visibility and anyone in surrounding areas are aware of its presence.

Complete Access
Complete Access

Quick access to the internals of the machine ensure ease of maintenance for the operator, as well as less time required by service technicians to keep your machine performing at its best reducing the overall total cost of ownership.

Simple Maintenance
Simple Maintenance

Maintenance doesn't need to be a headache, which is why the SC8000 was designed to make the process as fast as possible. The operator can gain quick access without the requirement of tools to the brushes, side blades, and squeegee blades for seamless and straight-forward changeover or replacement.

Optional EcoFlex
Optional EcoFlex

EcoFlex detergent system doses the solution based on pre-set adjustable ratios, ensuring you get the most from your cleaning chemical. This leads to decreases in wastage, and increases in efficiency, effectiveness, and friendliness to the environment. EcoFlex cartridge is easily accessed to refill as needed.

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